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Unwrap natural beauty with alpaca soaps!
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Twelve fragrant soaps, each stamped with a unique day from the classic 12 Days of Christmas. A perfect aromatic journey for the festive season. Gift-ready in a beautifully designed box.

Yuletide Tales Soap Collection

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Six invigorating steamers, each infused with the eucalyptus fragrance. Transform your shower into a yuletide spa escape.

Winter Bliss Shower Steamers

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Four bath bombs, designed as holiday ornaments, each infused with a unique aroma. Dive into festive relaxation. Wrapped to perfection, ready for the holiday surprise.

Festive Ornament Bath Bombs

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Three bath bombs, shaped as delightful macarons, all bursting with the refreshing scent of candy cane. Dive into minty relaxation.

Candy Cane Macaron Bombs

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The ultimate gift of pampering available in eight exquisite signature fragrances. Unwrap the joy of giving the perfect gift at an unbeatable price.

Signature Scents Full-Care Set

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Four delightful lip balms, each in a unique flavor. Gift the joy of soft, flavorful kisses this holiday. (al)Packer's choice to surprise and delight you.

Quartet Kiss Lip Balm Set

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Our signature 8oz. lotion, sold in two holiday fragrances: Sweater Weather and Candy Cane. Velvety luxury with a festive touch.

Holiday Essence Lotions

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Our 'Slather and Lather Bundle', now in eight captivating signature aromas. The perfect holiday indulgence for skin. Available scents listed above.

Signature Bliss Duo Set

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Experience our foaming sugar body scrubs, in three unique festive scents: Pumpkin Chai Latte, Candy Candy and What's Santa Smoking?  Holiday exfoliation at its finest.

Festive Frothy Scrubs

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Craft your own four-pack of soaps and save $3.
Perfect for holiday gifting or treating yourself!

Signature Quartet Soaps

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A perfect lip care pairing. An exfoliating scrub and a moisturizing balm, harmoniously flavored: Raspberry Kisses or Mon Cheri. Achieve kissable holiday lips.

Lip Love Duo Set

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Charming alpaca keychain paired with a lip balm. The cutest stocking stuffer this holiday season!  (al)Packer's choice to surprise and delight you!

Alpaca Pout Pocket Set

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Revamp your haircare with AlpacaSoaps' shampoo and conditioner bars. Packed with natural ingredients, our bars invigorate your hair, offering eco-friendly, quality care for silky, vibrant locks. Love it or get a full refund.


Radiant skin is easy. Uncover your natural beauty!


Feel the Difference~Made from luxurious oils


Soft Skin Guarantee~hydration galore!

What People are Saying...


 We understand that changing your skincare and haircare regimen can be daunting. AlpacaSoaps offers a natural, eco-friendly alternative made with the highest quality ingredients. Switching to our brand means healthier skin and hair and supporting a sustainable future.

We take care to source the most gentle and natural ingredients. However, we recommend checking the ingredient list before using any new product. If you have a known allergy, please perform a patch test or consult your dermatologist.

Absolutely! Our products harness the power of nature to provide effective care for your skin and hair. They are free from harmful chemicals, ensuring a healthier and safer beauty routine.

Our prices reflect our commitment to using high-quality, natural ingredients, and sustainable production processes. We believe in investing in our planet's health and your well-being.

Our products are conveniently available through our online store. You can also find us at events in Texas and Tennessee. Visit our “Events and Pop-ups” page for details on upcoming AlpacaSoaps activities.

No, our products are designed for daily use. The term "luxurious" refers to the quality of ingredients and the pampering experience they provide, not their intended frequency of use.

We provide detailed information about each ingredient in our products on our website’s product pages. This transparency allows you to understand the benefits and source of each ingredient.

We're committed to transparency in our sustainability practices. We source our ingredients responsibly, use minimal and recyclable packaging, and strive for a low environmental impact in all our processes.

AlpacaSoaps is proud to be a woman-owned business. When you purchase our products, you're supporting female entrepreneurship and contributing to greater gender balance in business.

Our range is designed to cater to a wide variety of skin and hair needs. However, if you can't find a specific product, we'd love to hear from you. We're always looking to expand our range based on customer feedback.