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wooden sign explaining we do NOT list on etsy
This past week, I dived into what I hoped would be a new chapter for our beloved Alpaca Soaps—expanding our reach through Etsy. Given our commitment to quality, creativity, and the sheer joy of crafting soaps that brighten your day, it seemed like a promising venture. However, what unfolded over merely seven days has led me to one clear decision: Alpaca Soaps and Etsy are not a match.
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Pointillist image of a serene woman with water droplets on skin, against a background of raindrops and lush greenery.
As we wave goodbye to the cold, harsh winter and welcome the gentle breeze of spring, it's not just our closets that need a refresh—our skin care routines are also begging for a spring cleaning. If your skin is showing the signs of winter wear—dry, ashy, and looking a bit tired—it's the perfect time to rejuvenate and simplify your skincare regime. Let’s embark on this journey together, and transform your skin care into something as refreshing as the spring air itself.
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Zero Waste Haircare: AlpacaSoaps' Journey to Sustainable Beauty
Every day, millions of shampoo and conditioner bottles end up in landfills, contributing to a growing environmental crisis. At AlpacaSoaps, our vision is clear: we dream of a world where your beauty routine doesn’t cost the earth. We aim to minimize waste at every step of our product life cycle, from sourcing ingredients to delivering the final product to our customers.
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