A Short-Lived Etsy Experiment: Why Alpaca Soaps Won't Be Found There

wooden sign explaining we do NOT list on etsy

Hello, Alpaca Soaps family and curious onlookers,

This past week, I dived into what I hoped would be a new chapter for our beloved Alpaca Soaps—expanding our reach through Etsy. Given our commitment to quality, creativity, and the sheer joy of crafting soaps that brighten your day, it seemed like a promising venture. However, what unfolded over merely seven days has led me to one clear decision: Alpaca Soaps and Etsy are not a match.

A Week of Hope Turns to Disillusionment

Imagine dedicating countless hours—every tick of the clock saturated with hope and hard work—only to watch your efforts crumble for reasons beyond your comprehension. That was my week on Etsy.

Here’s the rundown:

  1. Groundless Claims: No sooner had I listed our carefully crafted soaps, claims of intellectual property infringement were thrown at us. No investigation, no questions asked. Just a cold, automated response siding with unseen accusers.

  2. Vanishing Acts: Some listings were flagged and removed under the guise of violating medical claims policies—policies that were as clear as mud. No explanations, no guidance on how to right these supposed wrongs. Just silence and a void where our products once stood.

  3. Feeling Small in the Face of Goliaths: In the vast sea of Etsy, small sellers dream big. Yet, it took less than a week for me to see how easily those dreams can be dashed, not by fair competition, but by a system that feels rigged against the newcomer, the artisan, the small business owner.

  4. A Quest for Support to No Avail: Seeking help or clarification was like chasing shadows. With no direct way to reach out, I was left shouting into an abyss, my voice lost among countless others.

Why We're Saying Goodbye Before We Hardly Said Hello

This experience wasn’t just disheartening; it was eye-opening. Our brief stint on Etsy made one thing crystal clear: Alpaca Soaps thrives on authenticity, connection, and a fair, transparent relationship with you, our customers. Etsy’s current environment, marked by its challenges and lack of support for small vendors, stands in stark contrast to these values.

To Our Loyal Customers

You might wonder why you won’t find Alpaca Soaps on Etsy. This is why. Our dedication to providing you with natural, wholesome, and joy-sparking products remains unwavering. We believe in fair play, in the power of community, and in the importance of a platform that supports its sellers as much as it does its buyers.

So, we’re choosing to focus on channels that align with our ethos, where we can continue to build direct, meaningful connections with each of you. We’re committed to exploring other avenues that honor our commitment to quality, transparency, and mutual respect.

The Road Ahead

This isn’t just a setback; it’s a declaration. We’re here to stay, to grow, and to continue sharing our passion for artisan soaps with you—just not on Etsy. Our journey continues, and we’re excited for what lies ahead.

To everyone who has supported us, know that your encouragement fuels our creativity and our determination. Here’s to crafting not just soaps, but a community grounded in respect, love, and the joy of clean living.

With gratitude and resolve, Paulette, on behalf of the Alpaca Soaps team

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