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Shea butter helps to deeply hydrate and protect hair from damage caused by environmental stressors while also providing a natural shine and softness.

With its natural hydrating and nourishing properties, cocoa butter is effective at preventing frizz, locking in moisture to help reduce split ends, and promoting hair growth. The presence of sulfur helps to protect against breakage, while magnesium improves oxygen supply for better scalp health.

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Argan oil is rich in vitamin E, antioxidants, and fatty acids, it helps protect against heat damage from styling tools while restoring vibrancy and shine to dull, damaged hair.

Jojoba oil helps balance the scalp's pH, restore natural moisture, and reduce excess sebum that can clog pores. Jojoba oil provides abundant vitamins and minerals that help prevent premature aging and graying of hair.

 Daikon seed oil is incredibly beneficial for hair care due to its unique chemistry. The atypical mixture of fatty acids gives daikon seed oil a quality that cannot be found in any other, allowing it to absorb well into the hair shaft and provide a pleasant slip and shine comparable to esters and silicones.


Hydrolyzed oat protein provides extra protection and volume. It forms a coating on the outside layers of hair strands, which helps make your hair feel thicker and volumized. It also helps to retain moisture, prevents breakage, and strengthens hair from the roots.

 With its unsurpassed ability to strengthen strands, retain moisture, and improve the texture of damaged hair, panthenol has become an essential ingredient in hair care products. Panthenol helps to reduce breakage and keep hair strong and healthy. It also prevents frizz by locking in moisture and adding shine and volume.

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