About Us

We are two sisters running a beauty product business together. After many years of varying careers and living long distances from each other, we never thought we would someday work together, but here we are doing just that! We are newbie seniors desiring to share our years of experience, knowledge, and love for cleanliness and beauty with the world.

Paulette Martinez, the creator, resides in Clarksville, TN. Paulette develops, manufactures, and distributes all our products. Yes, Paulette is a superwoman. Did I forget to mention she is also our website developer? :) Paulette is a very hard-working, intelligent, driven superwoman. She also has an excellent eye for simple beauty and can create such beauty, whether it be in her home, garden, food, wine, or, now, her small business. When Paulette sets her mind to making something happen, well, it's going to happen, and it's going to be great. She may have to kiss a few frogs along the way to perfect it, but it's a hazard she is willing to accept.

And then there is me, Cindy Borsi; I was (past tense) retired. My previous career was in law. I managed a law firm and was a trial paralegal in Florida before attempting retirement in Tennessee about five years ago. I moved with my husband, Mark, from Florida to Tennessee, and we chose Gallatin as our new primary residence. In the Summer of 2019, after purchasing and using my sister Paulette's products, I was astounded by the noticeable and very agreeable changes in my hair and skin. I began purchasing AlpacaSoaps' products for everyone I was gifting that year. The gift recipients loved the packaging and the products, bragging about the beautiful results from usage. When the gift products began to run low, all of my gift recipients wanted to continue using them and make their purchases. This response was an eye-opener for me because not only was I thrilled by their joy of the gifts, but I was above and beyond thrilled that they all wanted to continue using AlpacaSoaps' products. I believe at some point in time, I asked Paulette if she needed help, and sure enough, in early December 2019, she called to inquire if I wanted to join her. Imagine that, at age 64, to be asked to go back to work? In January 2020, I decided to come on board and concentrate my efforts on marketing and sales. I don't have abundant experience in either, but I love a challenge. So now you know how the partnership was born. It has been percolating for 60-some-odd years, and it has finally brewed.


This introduction would not be complete without some words about our products. Still, before I can go there, I want you to understand that our personal and professional desire is to begin your enjoyable sensory experience before you make a purchase. We want your joy to start with our website and our advertisements. We love color, whimsy, and words, and we aspire to show you our love for all of these things in our marketing, which starts with our website and advertisements. Therefore, we are starting anew with the relaunch of our website, now vastly improved. We will continue to develop, learn, work, and re-work the internet marketing aspect of our business. It has been a journey into the unknown. The unknown is "social media" and all of its bajillion nuances. Holy cow! It will take years and patience (including your patience) as we navigate this brave new world together. Our end goal is for our customers to experience fun and joy in AlpacaSoaps' marketing endeavors.

We also want our customers to experience sensory nirvana before their package opens. So, Paulette spent considerable time experimenting with and choosing our scents. When you go to your mailbox, we want you to be delighted by the aromas that escape our packaging. And once opened, we hope you marvel at the sights, feel, and scents of your purchase. Lastly, and most importantly, we want you to love the results of using our health and beauty products.

So, let's move on to our soaps. Soap is clean, beautiful, and purposeful, and Paulette sure enjoys the process of developing, making, and cutting soaps. We created our little works of art to achieve sensory nirvana. Soap need not be only practical. It should and can be a wonderful experience of touch, sight, scent, and use. That is our goal.

Shampoo and conditioners are hair cleanliness necessities. We learned through the development of our breakthrough formulated bars that hair will be transformed by stripping away unnecessary ingredients and staying as natural as possible in choosing the ingredients used. Long gone should be the days of bottled shampoo and conditioners. They contain extreme elements that build up and remain in your hair even after thorough rinsing. We believe this is likely the cause of our unhappy experiences with the look and feel of our hair after years of using bottled, watered-down over-processed shampoos and conditioners.

Now onto our desire to provide you with a lotion that makes your skin feel as good as lotion feels going on. Our lotions are silky and absorb quickly. We have developed a formula with no unnecessary ingredients or fillers, and instead, we showcase ingredients needed to help keep your skin feeling soft, supple, and moist.

We want to do all the above and stay as green as possible. We care about the environment. We care about how we leave this planet for generations to come. We care about using the right kinds of packaging. We have searched for suitable packaging, limited in plastic use, bio-degradable, reusable, recyclable, and, of course, attractive.

And finally, we want to continue developing new products because it is fun, rewarding, and challenging. So, we look forward to showing you, our customers, that we love what we do by doing it!