Another Conditioning Bar Hair Trick Learned

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Today, I was finally getting out of the house to visit with our local pool management team. I must admit that I've been pretty lazy lately regarding my appearance. I have been and continue to practice social distancing guidelines which means I have spent the majority of time with my husband and our two cats. They don't care about how my hair looks or whether I am wearing any makeup or outfit. But today, I made the extra effort which, by the way, felt good!!

So I washed my hair with our AlpacaSoaps shampoo bar and then conditioned it with our conditioning bar. I towel dried my hair and then blew it dry. I wanted my hair to be straight but noticed some flyaways and wavy areas. My hair tends to misbehave this time of year. I remembered that Paulette suggested running a dry conditioning bar over any flyaways, so I decided to try this suggestion. My hair smoothed right out! Then I thought, why not try the same on the wavy areas, and sure enough, they straightened out too! I then spent no more than 30 seconds with the straightening iron for the layer underneath. And the cherry on top was I added another layer of conditioning to my hair which is super important to protect from sun damage. Our conditioning formula does not add weight, nor is it greasy. It gives hair shine, softness, and smoothness. Check out the photo. Please forgive the photographer (me). I'm hopeless with my iPhone camera.

If you haven't yet given our fantastic haircare bars a try, you should consider doing so. And if you have reasons for not trying, please write me and tell me what those reasons are.

P.S. If you are allergy-prone, you may be interested to know that we will soon be offering both haircare bars color and fragrance-free. Stay Tuned! Stay Safe! Stay Healthy!



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