Blogging into Space - Weird and Wonderful

wild, colorful hair and shampoo bars

Hi there. Blogging is weird. It is a new endeavor for me. It is part DIARY because all I read suggests I should be posting everyday and sharing my thoughts including private thoughts. And it is part SHOUT OUT since all I read suggests I should be sharing our company's adventures, product details, thoughts on health, beauty, hair and body, our mishaps, our discoveries, our successes, our growth and learning and on and on. Blogging is a dichotomy. 

The Featured Image I share today embodies the blogging dichotomy as it relates to AlpacaSoaps. AlpacaSoaps is colorful and bold and soft and quiet. AlpacaSoaps partners are a dichotomy and its products are too. Makes Sense. So I suppose blogging is making more sense to me too as I type. I'll give it a try. Everyday...well... I'll try to try. Regularly, yes, for sure. 

We are working on stories that will help our customers and future customers understand why our products work so well and we plan to add some science and history into the mix. In the works are: Facts and Fiction About Hair, Why our Haircare Products Work Well on All Hair Types and What You Should Know About the Ingredients We Use. (Titles may change on whim). 

Therefore, that being stated, I have a lot of work to do with getting these pieces written and frequent blogging and the other bits and bobbles of work I do. I love a challenge. I'm up for it. I will enjoy looking back months from now to gauge how much has been accomplished.

Best wishes and sending out lots of love,




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