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Photograph of Cindy Borsi with friend, Vicki K. Alpaca Soaps AlpacaSoaps Conditioner Bars

Hey All. So recently I posted about how to properly use AlpacaSoaps conditioner bars (see: Going From Bottled to Conditioner Bar). It's never easy to change our ways and when you have been using bottled conditioner all your life and make the switch to conditioner bars it's not always an easy transition. How conditioner bars are applied to the scalp and hair are not "one and the same" as use instructions for bottled conditioner and sometimes we give up before experiencing the conditioner bar's absolutely positive results!

Case On Point - my favorite new friend, Vicki. Vicki made the switch to our hair care products in December after witnessing the amazing results on my daughter Leah's hair. Vicki has made several purchases of a variety of our products since December. She's one of our most loyal and loved customers.

It's now summertime and Vicki and I spend much needed rest and relaxation time at the pool. She confessed to me that she is using the shampoo bar but not the conditioner bar but instead her bottled conditioner. Of course I felt disappointed but I also kind of understood. Why? Because back when I first started using the AlpacaSoaps conditioner bar, I too wasn't sure it was doing anything for my hair. The switch to shampoo bars was an easy transition because once applied the shampoo bar behaved like bottled shampoo does  - lather and suds. However, when applying the conditioner bar I just didn't feel like anything was happening. It left the slightest of silkiness on my wet hair and I was fearful of rubbing the bar into my scalp because if I did the same with traditional bottled conditioner I'd be left with flat, clumpy, greasy looking hair. So I used the conditioner bar sparingly and never applied it to my scalp. So I thought the conditioner bar was just okay, not spectacular, just okay.

Then in a conversation with my sister, Paulette, I learned that I could and should apply it to my scalp and leave it on my hair for a couple of minutes before a thorough rinse. I tried this and noticed some immediate better results - more hair shine. And with time and my better use practices it got even shinier and silkier and softer! Since then I really, really work the conditioner bar into my scalp and down my hair and I rub my hair ends thoroughly too.  And if I still have some tangle minutes after applying, I redo those areas. Once i feel close to tangle free, I rinse thoroughly. FACT: You can not overuse the conditioner bar. It behaves very differently than it's bottled predecessor. 

Back to Case On Point - Vicki's story - which I clearly deviated from. I asked Vicki if she would please try the conditioner bar again.  I shared with her all of the tips I provided in my most recent Blog, dated July 13, 2020, titled "Going From Bottled to Conditioner Bar". Today, I received this text from Vicki:

"Used shampoo and conditioner bar only. Hair came out better than ever!!!"

Hearts, Rainbows, Unicorns, Hugs and Kisses!








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