Color, Images and Words that Inspire

Woman with pale pink hair with the word Shop over her head AlpacaSoaps Alpaca Soaps

I LOVE color. All color. I LOVE images... people, places, landscapes, wildlife, indoors, outdoors, machinery, food, clothing, furniture, products, transportation. I LOVE words, letters and typeface. When you start a business you are told that you need to choose your branding and stick with it. And boy do I hate being locked down to color or type or image. So I'm just not letting myself get locked down or stifled by branding rules. I think with time and staying open to creativity, our brand has and will develop, grow and evolve into a recognizable brand even if we didn't follow all the rules along the way. 

Today's creativity began with a quote I found that I decided to wrap in pink and pink lead me to a female image I loved and her image reminded me of a new free app I've been wanting to try and hours later I mapped out an entire pink weekend for AlpacaSoaps on Instagram. 

I'm blessed to have a full day of creative play. It really makes me happy. 

Nighty, night,


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