Crafty Bastards Events: An Enriching and Exciting Experience in Nashville

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Nashville is a vibrant and exciting cultural, business, and entertainment hub. We feel lucky to live nearby. Among the many attractions that make Music City so unique are the Crafty Bastards events. These events take place throughout the year and offer one-of-a-kind opportunities for attendees to browse a variety of handmade creations from local artisans and entrepreneurs. 

Crafty Bastards allows visitors to experience a range of carefully crafted items like jewelry, pottery, furniture, textiles, decor, apparel, candles, beauty products, food items, and much more. Each event includes live music from local bands and food vendors and often features demonstrations from craftspeople showcasing their skills. Attendees can expect to find goods from over fifty vendors at each gathering. 

The events are organized by Building Community Bridges (BCB), a non-profit organization dedicated to public service that connects people with the resources they need to succeed. BCB emphasizes social justice advocacy in its work and seeks to foster community development across all sectors of society. This spirit of inclusion is felt within every Crafty Bastards event as well; it’s a celebration of creativity open to everyone, regardless of age or background. 

Whether you’re looking for original handcrafted items for yourself or your loved ones or want to explore what creative minds in Nashville have been up to, attending a Crafty Bastards event is an experience you won’t soon forget! 

Would you like another important reason to attend a Crafty Bastards event? Well, AlpacaSoaps will be there among many talented artisans! We have signed up for every Crafty Bastards event scheduled in 2023. Just go to this link to our Events and Pop-Up website page for the dates and details:

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