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Are you curious about your hair type? Awesome! I have provided some simple at home tests you can perform to better understand them. 

I was curious. So I did some research. And I performed the tests and have provided my results along side the instructions. I've been told by hairdressers all my life that my hair was "fine" but that's about all I knew about my hair and honestly I wasn't exactly sure what that meant other than I had a "skinny ponytail."

You can follow the steps below to learn more about your own hair:

Hair Texture: The instructions begin with a hair wash and then let it dry naturally. Once dry remove a dried strand of hair from its root, lay it down on a paper towel and examine it.

Type 1, Straight Hair: Is it straight?

Type 2, Wavy Hair: Does it have a slight S shaped curve?

Type 3, Curly Hair: Does it have a curl or loop pattern?

Type 4, Coily: Does it have a tight curl, spiral, zig zag pattern?

Verdict for my Hair: Definitely Type 2, Wavy Hair

Hair Structure: Next put a length of thread on the paper towel next to your strand of hair  (same length and color as my hair or at least close in color). You are going to compare the thickness. Is your hair thinner than the thread? Is it about the same thickness? Or, is it thicker than the thread? This comparison was being done to determine if your hair is Fine or Medium or Coarse (Thick). Fine would be thinner than the thread. Medium would be close to or similar in diameter to the thread. And coarse or thick hair appears thicker than the thread's diameter.

Verdict for my Hair: Definitely, Fine. 

Hair Porosity: This refers to your hair's ability to hold moisture and products. So now you take that same strand of hair and push it down into a bowl of water. Does it stay at the bottom of the bowl of water? Does it rise up or float somewhere in the middle of the water? Or does your hair find its way to the top?  Hair that remains at the bottom of the water is considered to have high porosity and it tends to absorb all the moisture. If the hair strand floats around the bottom or middle staying below the water line then it is normal, healthy hair. Lastly, if your hair strand floats at or above the water line then it struggles to absorb moisture.

Verdict for my Hair: Delighted to learn that my hair is hanging in the middle and therefore absorbing moisture. 

Scalp Moisture:  At AlpacaSoaps, we are all about your scalp health! A healthy scalp means healthy hair regardless of your hair type. So if you struggle with unhealthy hair (dry, greasy, split ends, etc.) you need to work on nurturing your scalp and your healthier scalp will give you healthier hair. 

To determine your scalp's moisture level, examine your scalp the second day after a wash (48 hours).  If your roots are greasy and the hair at the roots appears flattened you likely suffer from an oily scalp and need to shampoo and condition with products that do not leave a product build up. If your scalp area is flaky and dry then you likely need products that hydrate your hair. In other words, products free of sulfates and parabens. If you find your scalp is a combination of both oily and dry, flaky areas then you need products that are gentle and, at the same time, control product buildup and free of sulfates and parabens.

Verdict on my Scalp: Not oily and not dry. it's in great shape.

AlpacaSoaps haircare bars remove build up.

AlpacaSoaps haircare bars moisturize.

AlpacaSoaps haircare bars are sulfate and parabens free. 

AlpacaSoaps haircare bars are good for all hair types!

Final Verdict on my Hair: Much like everyone I desire great hair. I'd love for my hair structure to be Medium not Fine. BUT, no lie, in the last year, I love my hair 99% of the time. Since switching to AlpacaSoaps haircare bars, (and I can proudly say I have been using these bars for more than a year now) I have a much improved scalp and in turn my hair is looking better than it has ever looked in the past. It's pretty, soft, shiny and healthy.

Hope this was both fun and educational.

Cindy Borsi

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