Forgive me! I'm behind in posting!

Forgive me! I'm behind in posting!

Family emergency. My daughter slipped two discs. I'm playing Nurse Ratched and if you think she was mean you haven't since Nurse Cindy! I'm not made for this nursing job. I would rather be working my AlpacaSoaps job. I guess if anything this is teaching me to be even more gratefulness for the opportunity to sell our wonderful products online. Thank you buyers!

This week is Alpaca Adoption week. With each Head to Toe Bundle comes an Alpaca looking for a forever home. If you know anything about our company you know that I am obsessed with the cute little alpacas that we occasionally get the opportunity to purchase from Peru and it isn't easy to add one to any our packages because we love them so much. So if you love the idea of adopting one we will rehome to those who qualify.  Wink. Wink.

Back to writing about hair.

Take care. 

Cindy xo




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