Going From Bottled to Conditioner Bar

Going From Bottled to Conditioner Bar

Happy Monday. I know we have shared how to best wash and condition your hair with our bars but I still get questions about the conditioner bars.  I suppose that is because they behave differently than bottled conditioner. Let me explain...

The shampoo bar behaves much like bottled shampoo. Once you wet it and rub it into your hair you will get luscious suds and then you put the shampoo bar down and proceed exactly like you would if you were using bottled shampoo. Easy and simple. However the process feels very different when it comes to the conditioner bar. Let me explain...

You wet the conditioning bar and you rub it into your scalp but it feels nothing like bottled conditioner. As a matter of fact it almost feels like nothing is happening. No suds. No lotion feel. Just a slight silky feel. Very slight. The key is to really rub the wet bar into your scalp and down your hair all the way to the ends. Rub, rub, rub. Unlike bottled conditioner you will not overuse the conditioner bar.  You can and must really work this into your scalp and hair. Leave it in for a couple of minutes. Feel your hair for areas that still feel tangled and then go back and rub the conditioner bar back into those tangled areas. And while you wait a few minutes for the conditioner bar's nutrients to do their magic, go ahead and rub the bar over the areas you need to shave. Yes, it works fantastically as a shaving lotion. Again, it feels much different than a traditional shaving lotion but it does a wonderful job of giving you a clean and close shave as well as leaving your skin feeling silky soft. When ready, rinse your hair well of the conditioner.

As described, this process is very different from the process of using a bottled conditioner. With bottled conditioner the concern has always been using too much which will leave your hair flat and dull and clumpy. But with our conditioner bars you can really work their magic into your hair when you take the time to rub the scalp and hair with the bar's healthy nutrient-full ingredients. Once you get the conditioning bar process down you will be happy and even amazed by the results.

Final tip... because it is Summertime, which also means humidity, I will sometimes need to use a dry conditioner bar on my dry hair. I just rub the dry conditioner bar over the areas that are troublesome. It's not a cure for humidity but it does help smooth out flyaways and helps flatten areas that are troublesome.  

Until I type again,

Cindy xoxo




  • Jackie Verdon

    Great job!!! I love my shampoo bars but I am very glad for this information about the conditioner bars since I wasn’t using them right. Keep up the great work 💕

  • Paulette Martinez

    I love this post! So helpful!

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