Hair Care Testimonials Have Taken On a Life of Their Own

5 Star Hair Care Testimonial  AlpacaSoaps Alpaca Soaps

So many "hair care" hats to wear and not enough time in the day. I think I'll make that my excuse for not blogging. I have been busy though. I swear. I have been working on Testimonials (ads) of our customers who love, love, love our hair care products. I have been so happy with the number of people who have fallen in love with their new hair. The compliments are lovely and exciting and so motivating for us.

I love meeting new people through this process, like Celeste featured in the attached ad. She was so wonderful to leave us a fantastic review and when I emailed her about being featured in an ad she was all in. And then I got the photographs and was blown away. Celesta is gorgeous!!! And look at her hair!!! To see her image was a touching moment for me. It was another sign that we are on the right path and we just need to keep forging forward. I'm personally reminded of the children's book, The Little Engine That Could.

If you use our hair care products and would like to take part in our Rock Your Hair ad campaign please message me. We are happy to feature you and your lush locks.

Until I type again,

Cindy Borsi







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