Hair... so much to share... so hard to condense all the information.

artwork on sharing AlpacaSoaps Alpaca Soaps product details

Wow! It feels like I'm writing a book. The more I research, the more I want to share. Hair is pretty damn fascinating. I never thought I'd be stating that. I'm researching, reading, finding more information, researching that, reading, developing thoughts, researching, reading, vomiting details on paper, researching, writing notes everywhere on what not to forget, researching, researching, researching. Now I know this will all come together into some concise, informative, fact-filled reads, but at the moment, it feels like there is a mountain of information to digest and place into a small box. The cat in the photo is me—just a little sharing about my main adventure for an unknown amount of time into the future.

Here's what else is happening this week. We are modifying our website again. We will be making some Homepage changes. Well, to be completely honest, we will be making minor changes all the time. Getting a website to work to its full potential takes work and continuous modifications. We must always ask ourselves what is working and what is not. We are blessed with real-time data and reporting that helps us determine the changes that will get us the best results. Then we make changes and wait to see the reactions to those changes. It's fun and challenging to experiment with the visual adventures of our customers. Feedback is critical to getting this right. So if you have any constructive feedback, we are all ears. We are sincerely thankful for any thoughts and guidance you might be willing to share.

Until the next time,

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