Happy Labor Day 2020

Woman dressed in red, white and blue of Labor Day AlpacaSoaps Alpaca Soaps

Happy Labor Day 2020. Wow! And I really mean "Wow!" We are moving into the Fall already?!?! In many ways it feels like this year moved so slow - with the onset of Covid-19 and the daily divisiveness of an upcoming Presidential election - but then today it hit me, Autumn is here. My favorite time of year is coming with two of my favorite holidays. The excitement is building. I'm already thinking about gift-giving and great foods accompanied by delicious cocktails. My only worry is with whom will we be spending the holidays (?) because we are a social distance practicing  family. But I'm optimistic by year end we will have some relief. And I'll happily decorate for me and Marko alone if that is who I'll be spending the holidays with this year. He is excellent company.

AlpacaSoaps has wonderful plans for making our customers' holidays easy and fun. We have some new products and scents coming for the holidays. We will be offering free holiday gift wrapping. And, we will be offering some other special deals to our emailing list of customers. This holiday season, we will be sending out lovely scented packages with great love and attention to the details.

So stay tuned. This will not be my only post about the holidays. I'll keep you posted on our behind the scenes activities too. Enjoy Labor Day! I plan to spend today by the water. Book in hand. xoxo

Cindy B.

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