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I am the other half of this little company, the nerdy more-introverted half. I thought some of you might be curious why I got started making all these things, so that’s what I’m going to tell you. It probably started from day one of my life because I have always been a maker, in love with science and art, but we will fast-forward quite a bit.

A few years ago, as a veteran do-it-myselfer, I was knocking around for some relief for my husband’s pain in his lower legs, and I made up some batches of an arnica salve that offered him some blessed relief. With that experience, I began to think about making soaps as Christmas gifts that year. Little did I know that soaps need to cure, so nobody got their Christmas gifts in time, but I completely fell in love with making soap. Soap-making and even just using beautiful soaps appeal to so many of our senses; in soap-making, I had found something that was uniquely satisfying for me, a perfect union of science and art.

I loved making soap so much that I tinkered with my soap formulas trying to create different soaps to perform every cleaning job I could dream up around the house. However, soap isn’t ideal for every task. My failure to clean my hair (don’t ask) and my dishes satisfactorily led to me learning everything I could about other salts, surfactants and emulsifiers.

I first developed a nice shampoo bar and a fantastic hair conditioner bar following some trial and error. I also started to get buried in all my creations at around this time, so, to free up some storage, I packed up my stuff and headed off to my favorite farmer’s market in South Padre Island, TX. Yay! Now I had room to make more and a little extra money for new tools and supplies. People at the market and my friends and family loved my soaps, shampoos, lotions, conditioners, and other bath treats, so with the help of my sister, my biggest fan (the feeling’s mutual btw), we launched our online sales. Asking my sister to join me was the smartest thing I have ever done; it turned another “one of my little hobbies” into a small business with big dreams! And that brings us up to the present day pretty much.

I hope you love our products, and you tell your friends all about them. If anything needs to be improved, we are very responsive, and we love to get feedback from our customers. Even though we have a great product line, our products are still open to refinement and improvement. We can’t wait to show you the new things we are dreaming up for you, either! Lots of love and lather!


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