I Can Not Keep a Secret!

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⁣I’ve been told a secret by Paulette and you might know from the past that I can’t keep a secret. And since my sister, Paulette, is busy today and not likely to be checking social media I’m gonna give the secret she told me up. We have NEW SCENTS for the Fall and upcoming Winter holidays...

Pumpkin Chai Latte - You all know this amazing scent! Likely better for our health that we lather this Scent on our skin versus drinking it. He he 🎃🍚

Brown Sugar and Fig - Amazing holiday scent. You might want to lick your skin. But please don’t. 😂

Sweater Weather - Last year’s holiday favorite is making a come back! Stock up. The scent is so winter wonderful. ❄️

So be on the lookout for new soaps and lotions that will become available in these Fall and Winter scents. Yes!!!!

Until my next post,

Cindy Borsi

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