Many Thanks for All Your Support!

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We just wanted to take a moment and write a personal note of thanks to you. We thank you and every single person who has supported us and our business, AlpacaSoaps. Whether you are new to us or old friends or supportive family members or repeat customers, we are so grateful to you.

Sisterhood is an amazing bond. AlpacaSoaps started with Paulette, the super talented maker of all products we sell. Cindy joined later and comically struggles with learning the ropes of selling and marketing in the scary world of e-commerce and social media. We have very different personalities and talents but share a sincere appreciation for what we each have to contribute. Our shared love of beauty products provided us with a means for becoming a business partnership. As “senior” sisters, it is a blessing to have this opportunity to combine our talents by making and selling products we are proud to share with you and others. We love all phases of the process and we sincerely hope that shows upon delivery to you. Our goal is to awaken your senses with lovely scents, luxurious sensations, fun and colorful healthy, affordable beauty products.

This past year or so has been really tough for us all, hasn't it? The pandemic has affected many of us in a profoundly sad and disruptive way. And yet most days our customers interacts with us on our social media pages with kindness, compliments, encouragements and fun. You have given us the boost and encouragement we need to continue to pursue our dream of working together as sisters long into our twilight years:)

We have learned from you that we have a responsibility to help cheer others up and we are working on some exciting new ways to give back to you. Our monthly giveaways are only the beginning of our pledge to you that we will continue to work in both bold and simple ways to delight you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Much love and appreciation,

Paulette and Cindy

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