My First Champ Experience - 5 Stars!

Photograph of Cindy Borsi' dark brown, straight Hair AlpacaSoaps Alpaca Soaps

That's right. I'm blogging about my first experience with The Champ. Can this 3.25 oz. circular bar do all it claims? Well, I decided I had better put it to the test. It just made its debut on our website and it has been tested by others but not by myself and I sure don't want to sell anything I haven't tried. 

So this morning I took my dirty, dusty self to the shower armed with only The Champ and my razor after reviewing the use instructions. Got myself wet and then wet the bar. I started by washing my hair. Good suds and lather. After working the suds and lather into my scalp and down my hair, I used the bar to wash my face and then I thoroughly rinsed all. Next I turned the bar over and worked the conditioning/moisturizing side of the bar into my scalp and down my hair.  I left the conditioner in my hair as I washed my body with the opposite side of the bar. I turned it back over and ran the conditioning side over the areas I shave. And then I shaved. Nice shave too - smooth and soft. After all the body actions were complete I then rinsed my hair of the conditioner.  I had a few knots (I always do) so I ran the conditioning side of the bar back over the knotted areas, waited a minute, and then rinsed thoroughly.  Knots were gone. Hair felt good and clean. Body felt good and clean. Time to dry off.

I towel dried my hair and and combed it out. Smooth and easy. Got dressed. Pulled out the hair dryer and dried my hair. And lastly, I used the conditioner side of the bar to pat down a few hair flyaways. These pictures of me and my hair were taken immediately following my first Champ experiment. Nice right? Hair looks great and feels great. 

You may notice that I don't have a beard. And since The Champ can wash and condition a beard it only seemed right that I would insist my husband jump in the shower next and cleanse and moisturize with The Champ. He loved using The Champ and his beard was clean, soft and smooth after the experience. 

So we both give The Champ a 5 Star review. It's another winner.

Paulette: You done good. Great product. Many fabulous and practical uses. I'm now a Champ advocate.

Bye All,

Cindy Borsi










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  • Paulette

    Yay! The Champ is a champ. Thanks Cindy, and I love reading about your shower experience!

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