My Hair and Its Issues and My Sister and Her Breakthrough Hair Products

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Hi All:

Before I dive deeper into the many reasons you should try our hair products, I feel the need to share this information during this unprecedented time of tremendous health concern. We need cleanliness from head to toe to support our body’s ability to ward off viruses and disease. We also need to consider saving money in uncertain financial times like our current ones. Our shampoo and conditioning bars will do both - they will save you money and keep you clean. These amazingly wonder pucks are the equivalent of two to three bottles of liquid versions of shampoo and conditioner. That equals a significant saving, more cleanliness, and also less waste.

Here’s a little backstory about my hair, I have always been disappointed that my hair never looked or felt as good as it did when I walked out of a hair salon. Part of that is my fault because I’m no wizard with hairdryers, curling irons, or straighteners. Why didn’t my hair feel as good? I always purchased the products recommended by my hairdressers, which usually worked well for a couple of washes. Still, then my hair was back to the same old dull, flat, lusterless looking hair until I went back to the salon for another fix.

Well, guess what? Not anymore. My sister, Paulette, began developing environmentally friendly shampoo and conditioning bars. Her “mad scientist and naturalist” formula makes my hair look great all the time. I can honestly say that AlpacaSoaps has come up with a breakthrough formula that works on all hair types, including hair color-treated and treated with Keratin. My hair and the hair of our happy customers are the proof. I get hair compliments all the time, and I’m no spring chicken. At age 64, it sure is nice to hear these compliments. Good hair makes me feel youthful.

So, if you are looking for a way to rejuvenate your locks, look no further. Give our shampoo and conditioning bars a try.

Best Wishes,


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