The Ups and Downs of Trying to Get an Online Business Off the Ground

Photograph of an AlpacaSoaps Alpaca Soaps package with includes a soap Alpaca

The fact is there's a pandemic happening at the same time we are learning the ropes of online selling and marketing. Yikes! And being older and less savvy when it comes to social media has put me at a disadvantage but, you know what, the response we are getting from buyers has been amazingly rewarding. I'm so pleased and proud of our products. I'm shocked and delighted by my sister's talent. And today I got a lovely taste of both joys.

First, I received several personal messages today from happy customers who just wanted to let me know some seriously sweet things. One person wrote to tell me that her husband wants to write a review because he loves our products, another wrote to tell me she loves our new website and it made her want to shop and then another customer wrote a lovely review and provided a photograph of herself for my use in an ad campaign. Cherry on top, my sister sent me a photograph of the sweetest, cutest AlpacaSoaps kid's package (see photo) ready for sale at the local market. What a very good Saturday! Oh and on-line sales are up!!!

So while I may not really know all I should know about sales and marketing on-line, something must be going right because this was a very good, extra special day for me at AlpacaSoaps.

 I wish you all the same.


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  • Paulette

    Love this post! So sweet!

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