Instructions for Use

New products require new methods and even those products that we are most familiar with might surprise us with their super powers!

Shampoo Bars

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Wet your hair and rub the shampoo bar directly into your scalp until you feel a nice lather develop. Set the shampoo bar aside and massage the lather throughout your hair from your scalp to your hair ends. When you are finished massaging, rinse all the shampoo suds.  You will be pleasantly surprised how easily our shampoo rinses out! Now you are ready to towel dry and style your hair as usual. Lastly, we sell the shampoo bar in an organza bag to use when the bar begins to break apart. Just place the bar pieces into the bag and continue to shampoo as instructed above. See pictures provided below.

We recommend purchasing a soap lift to help keep the bars dry between uses. 


Solid Hair Conditioner Bars

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: After shampoo and rinse, apply the conditioning bar directly to your scalp and hair. The best way to apply the conditioning bar to your hair is by rubbing the bar into your scalp and down your hair using both hands and working the bar down to the hair tips. Pay extra attention to areas that need more conditioning. Do not fear over use. After leaving the conditioner in your hair for a couple of minutes, rinse clean. If you still have areas that feel tangled you can rub the conditioning bar again in those areas then rinse well. Conditioner bars can also be used on the skin as a lovely in-the-shower emulsifying moisturizer and can be used in the place of shave gels for the closest, silkiest shave ever! In addition, conditioner bars can be used as a leave-in conditioner. Tame stubborn strands and get rid of frizzy ends by wetting the bar and then massaging it along the problem areas. 

We recommend purchasing a soap lift to help keep the bars dry between uses. 

Bubble Scoops

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: You will notice that bubble scoops are a lot like bread with a nice crust on the outside but still soft enough in the interior to break & crumble easily into your bath. To use, simply break off a chunk of your scoop and put it into the provided drawstring bag. The bag helps ensure you don’t lose undissolved pieces in the tub and maximizes your bubbles. Then hold or hang the bag under warm or hot running water. If you are impatient, like me, you can squish the bubble chunk and watch your bath fill more quickly with glorious, long-lasting bubbles. If you have normal to hard water and a regular tub, you will get 1-2 baths from one scoop. If you have softened water or a jet tub, you may get 2-3 baths from a single scoop, or even more. It also depends on how many bubbles you like in your bath! Keep the remaining scoops dry and wrapped.

SO REMEMBER: Hot, soft, agitated water is going to get you the maximum bubble-age! Have fun! 

Bar Soaps

Soap is an amazing anti-viral, anti-bacterial product. If you need a refresher, on how to use it  WATCH THIS!

We recommend purchasing a soap lift to help keep the bars dry between uses. 


Think outside the bubble, some new ways to use lotions:
Makeup removal: melt off makeup and moisturize the skin at the same time. Please test for fragrance sensitivity first.

Cuticle care: Combine lotion and olive oil and use this to soften dry cuticles—you won’t need to get a pedi anymore!

After sun-care: Apply after a day in the sun. For extra relief, place the lotion in the refrigerator for a couple of hours first. 

Instant foot mask: Slather lotion all over your feet, and wear socks to lock in the moisture as you sleep.

Foaming Sugar Scrubs

Foaming sugar scrubs are meant to be used with water and rinsed after applying; they are ideal for use in the shower or bath, or for cleaning stubborn dirt, odors, and stains from your hands and arms. In the shower/bath, apply foaming sugar scrub in a circular motion, rinse thoroughly, and towel dry. When washing your hands, use it just as you would any other soap.

We do not recommend the use of any sugar scrubs (from any maker or manufacturer) on your face, and our current line of scrubs are not formulated for use on your lips (look for that in the future).