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Hi. This is Paulette Martinez.

I have always been a maker, in love with science and art. I've never been a "girly girl," but I have always loved having clean, shiny, great-looking, and lovely scented hair and soft, silky skin. I never bought into the notion that I had to own the newest, shiniest of beauty products on the market. I've always been practical in my approach to beauty, and I believe that good health practices must be "front and center" to any beauty routine. For me, good health-related to beauty products means nourishing limited ingredients.

Let's fast forward a bit… I'm a full-time educator (retiring and moving to Tennessee this summer 2022) and a veteran do-it-myself(er). Years ago, I was knocking around looking for relief for my husband's pain in his lower legs, and I made up batches of an arnica salve that finally offered him some blessed relief. After that successful experience, I began making soap. Soap-making, even just the use of beautiful soaps, appeals to so many of our senses. And in soap-making, I found something that was uniquely satisfying for me, a perfect union of science and art. 

I loved making soap so much that I began tinkering with my soap formulas to perfect them, and those adventures led to my self-education into salts, surfactants, and emulsifiers. The development of my super spectacular shampoo and conditioner bars came from this learning following some trial and error.

I've since developed some unique nutrient-rich skincare products that I am just as happy to boast about but will spare you a lengthy rant on our lotions and foaming sugar scrubs at this time. However, you should know that I spent the same amount of time and attention to detail developing the skincare products as I did in creating our shampoo and conditioner bars.

I'd be remiss if I failed to mention my love for scents. I have carefully, and with much love, chosen scents I believe will delight. And AlpacaSoaps allows you to pick and choose from various beautiful bouquets. So that's my story of the origin of AlpacaSoaps and its initial progression.

Thanks for being curious enough to read about me.

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  • Debra Spradlin

    Hi! I was at the TN Honey Festival and located your booth after finding you on Vendor search. There was no way to get close to your products due to the CROWD lol I was finally able to swing back by near the end of the day. I purchased 2 soap bars, sugar scrub and the awesome little bag for your soap. I want to get some soap for Christmas presents, I was looking for the scrubby bags and couldn’t find them. I’d like to get two if possible. I hope that’s not just something at Festivals. I’m disabled and don’t drive anymore if there’s a way to purchase one that would be amazing!

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