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Image of Bath Bomb Fizz for Blog Post: DYI Bath Bombs - Make it Float!
🛁💣 Making bath bombs that float is easy! 🙌 Use lightweight ingredients, a flat-bottomed mold, and a mix of citric acid and baking soda. Don't forget to let them dry completely! #BathBombTips 🛀
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Image of Paulette Martinez Alpacasoaps  Alpaca Soaps
Hi. This is Paulette Martinez. I have always been a maker, in love with science and art. I've never been a "girly girl," but I have always loved having clean, shiny, great-looking, and lovely scented hair and soft, silky skin. I never bought into the notion that I had to own the newest, shiniest of beauty products on the market. I've always been practical in my approach to beauty, and I believe that good health practices must be "front and center" to any beauty routine. For me, good health-related to beauty products means nourishing limited ingredients.
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Seedling grown inside cupped hands AlpacaSoaps Alpaca Soaps
Sisterhood is an incredible bond, and when you add the element of being raised in the same household but experiencing life's moments differently, it is simply extraordinary. I was born first in a family of four siblings, one sister, Paulette, and two brothers, Bil and Brian.
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