Sisterhood is Such an Extraordinary Relationship

Sisterhood is Such an Extraordinary Relationship

Sisterhood is an amazing bond and when you add the element of being raised in the same household but experiencing life's moments differently it is simply extraordinary. I was born first in a family of four siblings, one sister, Paulette, and two brothers, Bil and Brian.

I was and still am a girly girl. I love all things feminine and pretty. Now I don't dress up all pink and frilly but I do still appreciate the look when it comes to interiors and worn by women or men and, of course, children who can rock the look and color. Unfortunately pink and fluff do not work with the body and face provided to me by my parents, otherwise, I'd likely be all in. I was the child who cried when my dress selection ran out and I was forced to wear a dress for a second time. I was a dress wearer. Pants and tops were never my clothing of choice but I was easy going and rarely spent much time fighting my mother on what she had on her agenda for me. I secretly grew up desiring to be grown up. I wanted girly things like makeup, huge wardrobe, shaved legs, jewelry, big house, husband and boobs. I've since settled into a much more feminist attitude and lifestyle but I'm not giving up on my love of the girly girl in me. I love her. She makes me so happy to have been born a female. Girls Rock!

While I'm not here to tell my sister's side of our family story or our relationship, I sure know it is very different than mine. I grew up with her and saw enough to know the images I adorned made zero impact her. They lacked importance. She didn't get what I was so charged up about. Paulette could find something she deems "clean enough" to wear and toss in on and run out the door. She had much more important matters to attend to like figuring out how something worked and/or teaching herself something new. I didn't feel that same kind of freedom. I was too caught up in who might see me and what they thought. Paulette seemed oblivious to those kinds of self imposed limitations. I was completely trapped in what people thought about me and bowed to their actions and words. This took a long time for me to unravel. 

So where am I going with all this? Not exactly sure but somehow with growth and understanding and unconditional love, we sisters find ourselves working together and forging a relationship in business that has taken who we both are and shaken it up. And it is spilling out into something we are both very proud of being involved in. We are different beings with the same desire to make something beautiful and successful. And it will take both of our aesthetics to make this happen. That is so cool to me. If we remain open to each other, we are on the right path, a path we must take together, making the possibilities endless. 

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