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  • Are shampoo bars good for hair?

You bet they are! AlpacaSoaps shampoo bars are made with concentrated, carefully chosen ingredients that are safe and healthy for your hair and scalp.

  • Are shampoo bars worth it?

Of course they are. Not only are AlpacaSoaps shampoo bars good for your hair, they are also good for the environment. No bottles used and our bars are wrapped with biodegradable materials. Additionally, they last a very long time. Each shampoo bar is the equivalent of 2-3 shampoo bottles. How long they last is somewhat dependent on how often hair is washed and also on keeping the bar dry between uses.

  • Are shampoo bars good for curly hair?

AlpacaSoaps shampoo bars are good for all hair types including curly hair. Go take a look at our reviews.

  • Are shampoo bars better than bottled shampoo?

We firmly believe that shampoo bars are much better than their bottled versions for a number of reasons: 1. Concentrated healthy ingredients 2. No unnecessary ingredients 3. no water in the bars 3. No plastic bottles used 4. We believe the ingredients in the AlpacaSoaps shampoo bars promote scalp and hair health and 5. Take a look at our reviews and you will see our customers love our shampoo bars.

  • Are shampoo bars good for color treated or dyed hair?

Absolutely! We have been told by customers that the AlpacaSoaps shampoo bars seem to keep the color in their hair longer and also keep their hair healthier between treatments. 

  • Are shampoo bars good for oily hair?

Yes. AlpacaSoaps shampoo bars (and our conditioner bars) promote scalp health and a healthy scalp is neither dry not oily.  Additionally, our shampoo bars are mild enough for everyday use should you be more comfort with a daily washing.

  • Can shampoo bars cause hair loss?

We are completely unaware of shampoo bars causing hair loss and have never received such a complaint at AlpacaSoaps.

  • Can shampoo bars be used as soap?

Sure, why not? AlpacasSoaps shampoo bars are mild and provide a nice lather. But we sure would love it if you’d wash your body with one of our many fantastic handcrafted soaps. Here's a link.

  • Can AlpacaSoap shampoo bars expire?

Of course. Our shampoo bars have a shelf life of about a year. But they sell so fast we don’t believe at this time expiration of our bars is an issue.

  • Can you take shampoo bars on a plane?

Great question! AlpacaSoaps shampoo bars are perfect for travel! They are light weight and small in size compared with trying to travel with bottles. Just be sure to allow them to dry between uses and pack dry bars. If you are traveling to multiple destinations you can wrap them up damp but be sure to unpack and dry upon arrival at each destination.

  • Can you use shampoo bars with hard water?

Yes. AlpacaSoaps shampoo bars are pH-perfect. So a balanced pH may help correct some of the hard water mineral issues.

  • Can I make shampoo bars?

Of course you can try to make shampoo bars. It might not be cost efficient to do so unless you plan to make many because there are multiple ingredients that are normally purchased in bulk. And it will take time to create the right formula. We recommend you use AlpacaSoaps shampoo bars instead of trying to make them. 

  • Where can i buy shampoo bars?

HERE! Right here! On AlpacaSoaps website!!! Here’s the link to the shampoo bar page (just pick a scent).

  • Where can i buy shampoo bars near me?

If you are currently searching online for an answer to this question, why not just go to AlpacaSoaps shampoo bar link and order now.  We ship within two days of any order.

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