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Image of Conditioner Pearls and Conditioner Bar for Blog Post:  Conditioner Pearls or Conditioner Bars or Both?
AlpacaSoaps makes two types of conditioner: new conditioner pearls and conditioner bars. The conditioner pearls are tiny, individual solid balls of conditioner made from the same ingredients as our conditioner bars. These pearls are perfect for providing targeted conditioning to your hair and scalp, as they easily wrap around strands of hair. 
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Cindy Borsi 2022 Alpaca Soaps Alpacasoaps

I can summarize the first time I tried to take charge and "change my look" in three words: a complete disaster. I was in Middle School, and I took all my babysitting earnings, and without my parents' permission, I walked into a local beauty parlor [Yes! That's what we called it back in the day], and I requested blond highlights throughout my very dark hair. I walked home weeping many hours later because I had lost considerable hair (burnt to inches from my scalp), and my highlights were orange.

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Shampoo Bars Stacked Alpacasoaps Alpaca Soaps
  • Are shampoo bars better than bottled shampoo?

We firmly believe that shampoo bars are much better than their bottled versions for a number of reasons: 1. Concentrated healthy ingredients 2. No unnecessary ingredients 3. no water in the bars 3. No plastic bottles used 4. We believe the ingredients in the AlpacaSoaps shampoo bars promote scalp and hair health and 5. Take a look at our reviews and you will see our customers love our shampoo bars.

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